Business tools used by Valence Labs

You may remember us from such ecommerce SaaS applications as Mothership and ZeroOut.

The tools we use to run Mothership and ZeroOut.

AWS is a cloud computing platform that provides companies with on-demand access to a variety of resources, including storage, computing power, and databases. AWS is used by companies of all sizes for a variety of purposes, such as website hosting, data processing, and applications development.

The only major disadvantage of AWS is that it has a steep learning curve.

Slack is your single workspace that connects you with the people and tools you work with everyday, no matter where you are or what you do.

With Slack you get real-time messaging through calls and chat, a searchable record of all your files and conversations, and integrations with a growing number of handy bots and apps.

Now everyone can finally be on the same page and get their work done. Slack: It’s where work happens.

Sentry's platform helps developers diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of their code. Each day, we process billions of exceptions and transactions from some of the most popular products on the internet.

Sentry automates exception handling and performance monitoring for nearly all programming languages and platforms so you can observe and respond to issues up and down the stack: JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, Node, iOS, Android, Go, Flutter, and more.

Developers use Sentry to see all the details they need to identify, reproduce, prioritize, and respond to errors, including stack traces, user context, release data, and preceding events.  

Asana is a cloud-based task management application that is simple to use and perfect for businesses who want to manage their tasks efficiently. You just need to create a workspace, add projects, list the tasks and assign priority. With its easy interface, Asana is perfect for those new to task management applications and an excellent choice for start-ups looking for an affordable SaaS product.

More than 119,000 paying customers and millions of free organizations across 190 countries rely on Asana to manage everything from company objectives to digital transformation to product launches and marketing campaigns.

Elixir is open-source concurrent, functional, and general-purpose programming. It runs on the Erlang VM, which is used for distributed and fault-tolerant systems — perfect for companies that have networked computers requiring to pass big volumes of data without delays.

Elixir can be scaled on different servers. It’s a functional language that’s easy to read and use with a strong developer community that is also useful. However, it’s expensive and doesn’t have great raw CPU power and processing speed.