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Sanity is trusted by industry leaders such as Nike, Sonos, Cloudflare, National Geographic, Brex, Figma, and Netlify.
Sanity is the platform for structured content that lets teams build better digital experiences. By treating content as data, organizations use our APIs to build optimal editing workflows and share content between systems to increase digital velocity. Our mission is to be the most versatile system for creating and distributing digital content to any device, application or channel.

Companies that use Sanity

Sanity is our CMS that we use for our blog and other content pieces on our landing page. Sanity is a great headless CMS, meaning that it's only used to manage content, not display content to users. It's very flexible and they have a generous free tier. However, the flexibility comes at a price and that price is complexity. It definitely takes a bit of work to get set up, but you are free to use any tool you want to publish that content. In our case we run our marketing page and blog on NextJS that retrieves content from Sanity and renders it into fully customizable and blazingly fast static webpages.

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