Nimbus Screenshot

Use Nimbus Capture to record videos of your entire desktop or browser tabs, or create videos using your webcam. Take screenshots to capture full web pages—or just part of a page. Nimbus Capture is a great screencast tool for Chrome and Chromebooks. Save time from writing by creating visual media to communicate instead.

Companies that use Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus is a tool we use to make screenshots with notes, arrows, etc – which helps us communicate because we all know a picture is worth 1,000 words, right.  It makes communicating ideas, problems, design suggestions, and anything like that much easier.
Additionally, it also records videos.

This is also great for communicating to the team AND to clients. We mostly use it for annotated screenshots – to put an arrow or a box to show what needs to be changed on a website for instance. We also use Nimbusr for documenting our internal processes.

You can create an image and send it – or even better you can store it in your “library” and just send a link – very convenient!

Best part – the free version is all you should ever need.

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