Freedcamp is a free cloud-based project management tool that’s great for single or multiple users. It offers a plethora of features such as:

- Task prioritization and scheduler
- Time tracking
- Shared calendars

It also has team dashboards, file sharing, and SSO integrations. Overall, Freedcamp’s free offerings are better than others. However, users agree that its paid plans — starting at $1.49 per user per month — are slightly less competitive feature-wise than those of its rivals.

Companies that use Freedcamp

I spent WAY too much time analyzing different Project Management Tools, and I eventually have settled on Freedcamp. I like it because it’s flexible.  I can assign tasks to team members, give them a due date, and give detailed instructions, or link to more robust instructions.  I can link to a graphic or image or text document within the “task” so the person working on it can get everything with just a few clicks. There are areas where we can communicate about the project, report on the project, interact with other tools such as our calendar or Slack, get notified of statuses, and a million other bells and whistles, and guess what….?  It’s FREE!

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