ConvertKit is a lead generation and email automation platform best suited for content-driven entrepreneurs and businesses. Its features strive to make the email marketing easier but more effective through

- Custom opt-in forms

- Automated emails

- Landing page templates

- Workflow automation rules

- Subscribers settings

- RSS feed

- Email templates and others.

On the negative side, some customers reported that troubleshooting issues can be difficult and the system can get "quirky".

Companies that use ConvertKit

We use this mainly for sending our weekly newsletter, but also for some other things like marketing drip campaigns and new-feature notifications.

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In spite of what anyone tries to tell you, email is still, hands-down, the most effective way to communicate with your customers in mass (also the best method for NPS, but this isn’t the time or place for that discussion). ConvertKit has got us covered in this department. From weekly newsletters to intelligent on-boarding sequences, this tool has quickly become a must-have.

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