Clearbit is a SaaS software that helps businesses create, capture, and convert demand. It is a very useful tool that analyzes and reports on market trends and features, suggesting prospects and strategies for lead conversion.

By using Clearbit, businesses have a clear idea of their business and how to properly advertise it to attract the right audience.

Some notable features include:

- Data enrichment

- Lead scoring and routing

- Form optimization

- Intent-based outreach

- Advanced personalization

- Ad targeting and

- Conversion tracking

This SaaS tools is best for Sales, Marketing and Operations teams. It flawlessly integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Segment and other popular third-party integrations.

On the negative side, some users complained that it is not suitable for B2C and that some data it collected was outdated.

Companies that use Clearbit

Provides an unbelievable amount of person and company data that’s used extensively throughout our app.

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Clearbit provides “integrated intelligence for every stage of your sales & marketing workflow”, and let me tell you, it’s quite magical. The data we’re able to surface helps us understand our customers and prospects better so we can deliver a superior level of service along with driving up conversion rates.

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