Carta is a software platform that helps companies and investors manage their cap tables and valuations. Carta aims to be a one-stop shop for equity management, from founding to IPO. Cap table management is important for startups and young companies as it provides visibility into who owns what percentage of the company. This information is helpful in making decisions about financing, dilution, and ownership structures. Valuation is also an important consideration for companies, especially as they raise money from investors.

Carta provides tools to help companies track their valuations over time, which can be helpful in negotiating deals and raising capital. Currently, it supports 8,000+ companies, 500,000+ unique stakeholders, and has valued over $200B in private assets.

The major cons of Carta are that it doesn't work well internationally, the setup is a bit complicated and the software is not easily customizable.

Companies that use Carta

Excellent cap table and digital certificate management, plus a reliable 409A valuation service. We love it and our investors/advisors do too.

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