Buffer is a social media management platform that helps businesses publish content, engage clients, and analyze their social media performance. Buffer integrates with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest allowing you to post in real time and schedule post across different social media accounts without having to login to each one separately.

Its features are:

- Simple and intuitive interface

- Post scheduling and

- Analytics

Some users report that some hashtags are not supported and adding an RSS feed would be a nice addition.

Companies that use Buffer

Manages our social media scheduling for both @Baremetrics and @Shpigford.

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Maintaining an active social presence can be an absolute grind, but well worth the effort. Any tool that makes this job easier, we’ll happily pay for. That’s especially true for Buffer. Not only does it free up our time by scheduling our sharing just once per week, but it gives us better results when doing so.

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