AWS is a cloud computing platform that provides companies with on-demand access to a variety of resources, including storage, computing power, and databases. AWS is used by companies of all sizes for a variety of purposes, such as website hosting, data processing, and applications development.

The only major disadvantage of AWS is that it has a steep learning curve.

Companies that use AWS

Amazon S3 is one of the services provided by Amazon in their cloud.  S3 (real name: Simple Storage Service) provides secure and scalable storage solutions at a VERY affordable price.

It is only one of the MANY cloud services offered by Amazon, and most of them are pretty high tech. We’re only using the Storage Services.

If you are on one of our Care Plans, we back up your site and database to our Amazon S3 account for offsite safe keeping. (if you were not aware, Amazon is basically taking over the world.)

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We specifically use their S3 and Machine Learning services. S3 for backup storage and serving some assets on our marketing site and Machine Learning for…something top secret that’s in the works. 😎

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